Applesauce is a feel good thing.  Select a beautiful Fall day for the production.  Your home will smell wonderful, your resident eaters will smile and the process does not take a horrendous amount of time. Whether you pick your apples or buy the fruit at a local Farmer’s Market as I did, it is nearly impossible to go wrong with applesauce.  I had been tinkering with different combinations of apples and varying amounts of sweetener.  The batch I photographed was a mixture of Cortland and Empire apples.

Why peel the apples when the job is so tedious? The day was gorgeous and I wanted to be outside so I skipped the peeling and merely cored the apples.  I boiled the apples in the tiniest bit of water and then placed the mush into a hand cranked food mill. The mill took care of the peels.  For each pound of applesauce I added 1 Tblsp of lemon juice and .7 ounces of sugar. My family prefers a lightly sweetened apple sauce.  The beauty of applesauce is its ability to be customized – add cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger.  Make it chunky or smooth.  Freeze or can it.  Serve it warm or chilled. I have witnessed my 17 year old son with a jar of applesauce, a spoon and a smile. That’s a good thing.