Tasting homemade marshmallows will make you realize that store bought marshmallows should be called something else. Like Fake Sweet Puffs.   Or, Artificial Squishy White Things. A fraud has been played on all consumers who bought marshmallows purchased in a bag in a grocery store.  I know.  I’ve spent my entire life purchasing the fake things.  But, now I know better!  Homemade marshmallows take a bit of planning but the benefits are rich.  You will be a kitchen goddess.  And, who doesn’t want that?

If you enjoy creating sweet confections, purchase a digital candy thermometer.  For $25 your life will be easier. I used gelatin sheets which are difficult to purchase on a retail level.  King Arthur Flour sells gelatin sheets online.

Marshmallow Goddess Recipe

(adapted loosely from donna hay magazine, issue 57)


Sugar 17 oz.
Corn Syrup  1 ½ oz.
Water 8 ½ oz
Egg Whites  4 oz.
Gelatin 7 sheets
Vanilla 1 tsp
Optional – Double Chocolate(Ghirardelli) Bittersweet Chips 6 oz.
Cornstarch and powdered sugar for panning.


  1. Measure the egg whites into the bowl of an electric mixer with a whip attachment. Do not whip, yet.
  2. Prepare a quarter sheet pan, or a 12 X 7 pyrex.  Whatever size pan is used, the finished marshmallows will be thicker or thinner, accordingly. Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom of the pan. Dust the bottom of the pan with a 50/50 combination of cornstarch and powdered sugar. Do not grease the pan.
  3. Place gelatin sheets in a bowl of cold water. The water will soften the gelatin. If using, melt chocolate chips in a double boiler and keep warm.
  4. Cook sugar, corn syrup and water to 257 degrees F.  Turn the mixer on when the sugar mixture reaches 245 degrees.  The egg whites should have firm peaks.  Slowly incorporate the hot syrup into the egg whites while the mixer is on. When mixture cools somewhat, add the gelatin sheets that you have squeezed by hand to remove the water. The sheets should be wet.  Add the vanilla. Total mixing time is approximately 10 min. The mixture should be shiny and will have grown during the whipping.
  5. With a rubber spatula, scoop the warm marshmallow into the prepared pan and smooth the top. If you are not using the chocolate, sprinkle the top with the cornstarch/powdered sugar. For chocolate drizzle, spoon melted chocolate in a random pattern on top of marshmallows.  With a skewer, swirl the chocolate into the top of the marshmallow.  Sprinkle top with cornstarch/powdered sugar.
  6. Allow to cool for several hours or overnight.  Speed up the process by chilling in the refrigerator.  I froze a batch in a pyrex pan and it was perfect. Take a dull knife to separate the confection from the edge of the pan.  The marshmallows should be very easy to remove from pan. Remove the parchment paper. Cut into squares using wet scissors.  Place in air tight container unless they are all eaten as quickly as you snipped. Prepare for nirvana!

How did this recipe go for you? Would love to hear stories of your homemade marshmallow adventures!