My mid life crisis was less flashy than some. A new marriage and a sports car were not for me.  My old marriage suited me just fine and with my husband’s blessing and only one child left at home, I enrolled in culinary school in a Professional Baking and Pastry Certificate program.

I have always loved to cook.  I didn’t necessarily know how, but, with my mother’s words in my heart, “If you can read, you can cook” I wasn’t scared of the process. During college, I worked in a New Mexico bakery.  I was a short order cook and an apprentice baker.  As a young mother, I made baby food from scratch. With 4 children, dinners weren’t always fancy – but, they were consistent and homemade. Cookbooks were my friends.  Julia Child taught me how to make stock.  Martha Stewart instructed me on pie crusts. James Beard was helpful with breads.

At 50, we moved to the North Shore of Chicago. As my children grew up and moved from home, I seized the moment and followed my dream to culinary school. Since then, a fire has been ignited, and I am excited to share my enthusiasm on this blog.  Cooking is an intimate part of life, and for me, the two are irrevocably bound together. So, my blog is based on the joyful union of life and cooking…

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